Dear X,


I thought If I wrote you a love letter
It would make it all feel better
If I could put you into phrases
And list down all the phases
Of how your Moon orbited around my Earth
How from since birth
You never let me forget about my lack of privilege
You never let me forget about finding a means to an end
You never let me forget about the importance of a village
You never let me forget about the meaning of a true friend
Because in order for me to love you
I gotta love the ugly, the jaded, the faded, the hated
I gotta love the beauty, the power, the sweet and the sour
I gotta love the fact that you broke me down
Held me in low and dark places
Had me on trial with tough cases
I gotta love the fact that you always threw curve balls
You made me bump into walls
You scarred all my trips and falls
I wear the marks on my body.
Because In order for me to love you
I gotta love the fact that you also built me up 
You showed me strength and survival
Delivered me through spiritual revivals
You taught me how to fight against my rivals
You allowed me to break my own cycle.
Through you, I have experienced the most intense joy and the most shallow sorrows
Through you, I’ve witnessed the magnitude of prayers for better tomorrows
Through you, I have so many beautiful memories that will make me smile until the day I die
Through you, I also have all those painful memories that I’ll keep burying inside-
It’s not that you make me want to hide
It’s not that I’m afraid of your side-
Despite all the shit
I still rep you with pride
I cross my arms into an X
Because you’re always gonna be that "X" factor
The pandora's box that stores all of my secrets like a malefactor
The place that simultaneously gives me a warm feeling and a pit in my gut
The same place that sheltered me during my ruts
You’re the place that I often call back on for inspiration
The place that will always have my appreciation...
So I wrote you this love letter
Because even though I’m still struggling-
The acknowledgement already made me feel better
So here it goes...
I. Love. You.
For sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I’ve given you my, my, my, my all
I’ve given you my all
Because I
I love you....
I hate you. But I love you.
Always gonna love you.
X's up.
X is for hug
X marks the spot
The X is thug
The X is hot
The X is home
The X is the BRONX!
Boogie forever. 


Christin Eve Cato 


© 2018

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What's Up With Marjorie? (Dramedy- 5  F/ 1 Trans/ 3M )

Marjorie- a renaissance woman, Brown Latina from the Bronx, with a dysfunctional family, crazy friends, a stagnant career and a new high-society white boyfriend. What's a girl to do?!

Jellybeans For Memories (TYA- 4 F/1Non-Binary/ 3 M )

Jaden is a math and science whiz who develops an app that can sync into your memories. He gets his sister, Julissa, to test it for a trial run. Things go haywire and now he needs to enter her brain to bring her back to reality! 

Stoop Pigeons (Drama- 4 F/ 2 M)

Bushwick, the heart of Brooklyn, changes over a span of a decade. As gentrification hits the neighborhood, culture shocks everyone. As the block changes and gets fancier, drug crime reaches another high. 

The Wash-n-Fold Trilogy (Comedy- 3 F/ 3M)

A murder mystery hits a local laundromat. Everyone is a suspect. But who did it? 

Smacked Up Love (Tragedy- 2 F/ 1 Trans/ 1 M)

A love triangle of lust, drugs, and secrets. How do these poor souls navigate through a never ending cycle of struggle? How do they make it out alive?  

Short Plays (Previously Produced):

Just A Visit ( Surrealism- 1 F/ 1M)

It's post Hurricane Maria, and a local beauty salon stylist receives a visit from a mysterious, yet familiar, client. 

From Hunts Point to Whitlock (Surrealism- 1F/ 2M)

A train ride in The Bronx, becomes a trip back in time. An inside view of a homeless person's past. Never judge a book by it's cover.