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Latinx Actor Training presents essays and pioneering research from leading Latinx practitioners and scholars in the United States to examine the history and future of Latino/a/x/e actor training practices and approaches.

Born out of the urgent need to address the inequities in academia and the industry as Latinx representation on stage and screen remains disproportionately low despite population growth; this book seeks to reimagine and restructure the practice of actor training by inviting deep investigation into heritage and identity practices.


Latinx Actor Training features contributions covering current and historical acting methodologies, principles, and training, explorations of linguistic identity, casting considerations, and culturally inclusive practices that aim to empower a new generation of Latinx actors and to assist the educators who are entrusted with their training.


This book is dedicated to creating career success and championing positive narratives to combat pervasive and damaging stereotypes. Latinx Actor Training offers culturally inclusive pedagogies that will be invaluable for students, practitioners, and scholars interested in the intersections of Latinx herencia (heritage), identity, and actor training.


We’re Not Neutral - Reset Series 2020 Collected Short Plays is a call to action for all theatre artists and readers driven by a desire to effect social change in America. Sparked by the profound social unrest and uncertainty that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, this collection of original plays challenges the reader to reflect on the potential of language and performance to reach deep into the hearts and minds of all members of society and shift centuries-old misconceptions and prejudices.

The Good Cop by Christin Eve Cato is featured in this collection of plays. 

This collection (edited by Sergei Burbank) is a selection from the commissioned short plays and monologues presented online in the summer of 2020. Readers will find plays for diverse actors that tackle micro-aggressions, the consequences of police violence, and give voice to both the pain and potential of artists of color.

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