The Greater Good Commission

Founded by playwright Darrel Alejandro Holnes, the Greater Good Commission offers mini grants to Latinx playwrights to write short plays, innovative in form, that reflect the times. The Commission’s mission is to help sustain Latinx playwrights and to support their contributions to American Theater. The commission’s inaugural round will focus on Afro/Black-Latinxidentifying playwrights, and this year’s selection committee chose five women playwrights. The inaugural plays will be presented at the 2020 Greater Good Theater Festival by the Latinx Playwrights Circle (LPC) and Pregones Theater/PRTT. The Festival will be streamed online, and the plays will later live in digital archives. Streaming date: Oct 15th 2020



The Greater Good Commission & Festival presents...

The Anarchists of Nueva Yol

 by Christin Eve Cato
During an internet civil war, Lucilla Lebrón stumbles upon a secret online group planning to take over NYC and discovers that she only has 48 hours to plan a defense.

Watch it here: The Anarchists of Nueva Yol & Other GGC Plays

Ingenio Presented by Milagro Theatre
Sancocho by Christin Eve Cato

Ingenio Live Virtual Theatre Festival

September 25-October 4

Two weekends of readings of 6 new plays by Latinx playwrights as a celebration of resilience.

The INGENIO process provides an intrinsic step in the growth and development of several new full-length theatrical works each year. A long term change-maker, INGENIO interrupts many of the given reasons gatekeeping structures of predominantly white theatrical institutions give for not accepting more plays by Latina/o/x writers.Rehearsals and workshops culminate in readings and feedback sessions with audiences of theatre professionals and members of the public.

The Reset Theatre Coalition Spans from Polynesia to the Caribbean in Response to Systemic Racism, Injustice, and Oppression in America

7/17/2020 @ 8pm

The Good Cop by Christin Eve Cato

Watch The Good Cop 

Running Time: 14 min ( video cued to starting timecode)