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FEATURING: Christin Eve Cato, John Cencio Burgos, José Joaquín García, Claudia Ramos-Jordán, Pat D. Robinson, and Nyseli Vega

TORCHED! at Pregones Theater

Runs May 9, 2022 through June 12, 2022

Thurs- Sat at 8pm

Sunday at 3pm

TORCHED! speaks to the now legendary era of the Bronx fires during the 1970s, lifting stories of survival to lay bare the infamies of the arson-for-profit business. Alternating from past to present and pulsing with salsa and hip hop sounds, the show is part investigative theater and part poetic fiction.



THE GOOD COP by, Christin Eve Cato

Presented by the Downtown Urban Arts Festival

Date: June 22, 2022 at 8pm

Anita Jones is a journalist who dedicates her life to civil rights and justice, and she is about to help file a lawsuit that will change many Black and Brown lives forever. Anita needs another signature and turns to her estranged friend, Jade Santiago, a police officer who abides by the blue wall of silence.


Featuring: Eboni Edwards and Yadira Correa

Directed by: Christin Eve Cato 

Tickets can be purchased here.

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The Cold Read Residency with The Artist Co-Op

The Cold Read Series is The Artist Co-Op’s flagship New Play Development program. Established in 2019 by TAC member Steph Miller, the program initially presented cold readings of new plays and development workshops written, performed, and directed by TAC members. Since March of 2020, the Cold Read Series has hosted weekly online development meetings among TAC writers and actors.

This year, the residency will support plays written by Christin Eve Cato, Dave Osmundsen, and SMJ.


Playwrights’ Center Supports Early Career Writers With Nine-Month Mentorship


Playwrights’ Center, in partnership with the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, is pleased to announce the 2021-22 Core Apprentice Playwrights Christin Eve Cato, Sarahjeen François, and Phanésia Pharel. The program will support these early-career playwrights with professional mentorship and development workshops, furthering their craft and their careers.

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Diary Entry of a Woman Gone Mad  by Christin Eve Cato

commissioned by INTAR Theatre & 24 Hour Plays: Viral Monologues

The goal was to write and record a monologue in 24 hours. To raise awareness about women's reproductive health, I chose to write about the daily struggle of a woman suffering from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). 

Featuring: Jacquline Guillen 

Black Pain by Christin Eve Cato

commissioned by Covid Monologues

COVID monologues was devised through a unique collaboration of public health researchers and theatre professionals. The monologues are based on a systematic review of qualitative peer-reviewed literature on COVID-19 in the U.S. Research articles were categorized into broad topics, reviewed for themes and main messages and supplemented with quantitative research from top public health journals. The resulting "research packets" were assigned to eight diverse, experienced playwrights who were selected from a nation-wide, competitive application process and received additional training through the project's masterclass in research-based theater. Their task was to communicate the main messages of the assigned research through a 5-10 minute monologue. Monologues were workshopped with a team of researchers and theater artists, and produced by five partner community theaters in Baltimore, MD.

Featuring: Marjuan Canady

Directed by: Aladrian C. Wetzel 

The Greater Good Commission

The Greater Good Commission & Festival presents...

The Anarchists of Nueva Yol

 by Christin Eve Cato

During an internet civil war, Lucilla Lebrón stumbles upon a secret online group planning to take over NYC and discovers that she only has 48 hours to plan a defense.

Watch it here: The Anarchists of Nueva Yol & Other GGC Plays


Yadira Correa

Cedric Leiba Jr

Georgina Morillo

Melvin J. Cox

Directed by: Omar Perez