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Simmering between two Puerto Rican sisters is a family tension that finally comes to a boil. Forced to confront the reality of their father’s rapidly declining health, Renata and Caridad clash over cultural divides, unearth old wounds, and reveal long-buried secrets. As Caridad’s sancocho bubbles on the stove, will the two sisters reconcile their past resentments to face their uncertain futures – together?

"SANCOCHO, with the stew as its central metaphor, is a Meditation on Inheritance and Family."- The New York Times 

“A MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCE. The inspirational crux lies in what the sisters do with all this [family] baggage — they have the hard conversations, face down their generational trauma and find a path forward toward healing. The stew that they prepare throughout the evening serves as a metaphor for this process, as ingredients are sliced and crushed to create a meal “healing to the soul.”

— Chicago Tribune

"RICH FAMILY FARE. Named for a type of beef stew, Sancocho highlights the significance of familia for the best or otherwise. The dialogue melds between English and Spanish sweetly as the sancocho literally simmers on the stove. The scent made me long to return to Puerto Rico to devour más mofongo y tostones."

— The Chicago Reader


 watch Now...

Diary Entry of a Woman Gone Mad  by Christin Eve Cato

commissioned by INTAR Theatre & 24 Hour Plays: Viral Monologues

The goal was to write and record a monologue in 24 hours. To raise awareness about women's reproductive health, I chose to write about the daily struggle of a woman suffering from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). 

Featuring: Jacquline Guillen 

Black Pain by Christin Eve Cato

commissioned by Covid Monologues

COVID monologues was devised through a unique collaboration of public health researchers and theatre professionals. The monologues are based on a systematic review of qualitative peer-reviewed literature on COVID-19 in the U.S. Research articles were categorized into broad topics, reviewed for themes and main messages and supplemented with quantitative research from top public health journals. The resulting "research packets" were assigned to eight diverse, experienced playwrights who were selected from a nation-wide, competitive application process and received additional training through the project's masterclass in research-based theater. Their task was to communicate the main messages of the assigned research through a 5-10 minute monologue. Monologues were workshopped with a team of researchers and theater artists, and produced by five partner community theaters in Baltimore, MD.

Featuring: Marjuan Canady

Directed by: Aladrian C. Wetzel 

The Greater Good Commission & Festival presents...

The Anarchists of Nueva Yol

 by Christin Eve Cato

During an internet civil war, Lucilla Lebrón stumbles upon a secret online group planning to take over NYC and discovers that she only has 48 hours to plan a defense.

Watch it here: The Anarchists of Nueva Yol & Other GGC Plays


Yadira Correa

Cedric Leiba Jr

Georgina Morillo

Melvin J. Cox

Directed by: Omar Perez

The Greater Good Commission
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